Monday, March 28, 2011

fundraising thermometer

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More research!!!!!!

Thursday-February 24th

In class we were in the library again today to work on our research and the annotated bibliography. Today, was basically the same as yesterday and I accomplished a good amount. This time I found a new jersey document about homeless teens. In the document it even has the definition of what homeless actually is in new jersey. Like the other document I need to find time one of these days to sit down and read it all so I can highlight the important parts.

In class research

Wednesday-February 23rd

We began to research more in class today and begin our annotated bibliographies. I was surprised at how much I found today! I found this amazing website that is in my links section of this page. There were a few articles about homelessness as well as another link that shows an amendment. The amendment was all about what the united states needs to do to protect the homeless and other things. One of these days I will sit din and read it all and highlight the important parts of it. This document will probably prig to be quite useful for me.

Annotated bibliographies. . . Ewwww

Tuesday-February 22nd

Today in class we learned about annotated bibliographies. Basically for each site we look at and use we have to write a little summary about it. This does not look like fun :/
We also looked at some examples of the annotated bibliographies. The whole process seems as if it will be a lengthy one. I need to start working on that soon!


Monday- February 21st

Today was a bit more productive than Sunday and Saturday. I actually took the time today to sit dowm and do some research on the computer. While googling new jersey homeless teens I stumbled across MTV. It turns out they had done a segment on the teens that are homeless in new jersey. I watched one of the shows and gained some insight as to what it's like to be a teen with out a home.


Saturday- February 19th and Sunday 20th

These past two days were completely unproductive. Nothing was accomplished in relation to my WISE project. I thought about doing some research, but then I was like nahhhh, I'll do it later. On Sunday however, I went to Dave and busters with my family. :) So I guess you could say these two days were days I took to relax and recharge.
Hopefully Monday will be more productive.