Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So little time

Friday-February 18th

Okay, so I've come to realize I probably haven't been putting in as much time as I need to lately to jumpstart my project.  I have made minor breakthroughs but nothing major like contacting anyone or anything like that.
This morning, however, Mr. Newman (NHS advisor) came to me and asked me if I wanted to speak at the next NHS meeting which is March 2nd I think.  I told him that I'm not exactly sure what my fundraising activity will be, but he said that's fine.  What I'm going to talk to them about is just the idea of my WISE project and that I'll need their help with it doing the findraising,  Hopefully the fact that they will recieve points will want them to get involved more with it.

New Places

Thursday-February 17th

Earlier today I was searching the web to try and find some teen homeless shelters around burlington county instead of Camden which is where the shelter I found before was located.  Luckily, I came across this good website that is now in my list of links to the right of my entries.  On the website there are basically a list of resources in burlington county for teens in need.  I need to find a couple more websites like this and then narrow down the places that I think will be most helpful.  Then I need to get in contact with some of the people that work there and email them, write letters to them, and call them.  Before I get in contact with them I need to come up with some sort of universal letter to send to all of them.

Second mentor meeting :)

Wednesday-February 16th

Today was my second mentor meeting with Mr. Campbell.  Surprisingly I felt like I got a lot accomplished today in my mentor meeting.  Mr. Campbell helped me set up both a twitter account and this blog.  These tools will probably help me a lot in my journey.  The twitter account will help me because it allows me to follow non-profit organizations and gain information that way.  Also, I can make useful contacts through both the blog and the twitter account.

On the downside, I didn't set aside time today for me to get organized. :/
This will definitely be something I struggle with throughout this process.

Starting to get things done

Tuesday-February 15th

So right now I'm kind of ahead of my aforementioned timeline.  This morning I went and talked to Mr. Newman (NHS advisor).  He said that he would be happy to have the NHS help me with my WISE project.  This brought a big sigh of relief.  Now I know I have a group of people that will help me.  This will help motivate me to keep to my timeline since I will be held accountable for the fundraising part of my project.  There weren't any further accomplishments today reguarding my project.

What to do, What to do

Monday-February 14th

First off, let me say Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Today I decided to make a little short term time-line of things I need to do so I can overcome my procrastination problem. 

Tuesday- I need to get organized (this will be a challenge since nothing in my life is organized)
Wednesday-contact interact or NHS
Friday-begin my research about homeless teens
Tuesday- contact a counselor

I'm getting excited!

Sunday-February 13th

Since my last post was about my concerns, this post will focus on what aspects of my project I'm getting excited about.

Here it goes:

1) Interacting with people
2) Learning more about the community
3) Making a difference in the community
4) Making contacts with outside resources
5) Doing something I'm passionate about
6) Getting others involved
7) Researching and just learning overall
8) Having fun
9) Leaving school early :p
10) and so much more!


Saturday-February 12th

These are my current concerns with my project:

1) school regulations and policies will set me back
2) the people I may interact with won't be cooperative
3) time constraints (time-line)
4) privacy issues within the shelter
5) Getting in contact with the shelter
6) The areas where the shelters are located (dangerous and far away)
7) My procrastination (this will be the hardest to overcome)

Project Outline

Friday-February 11th

Hey everyone,
So this entry will just explain my outline if my project.

First, I plan to research about why teen and adolescents are homeless and have to seek out shelters and community resources.  This will include statistics pertaining to these subjects. Another thing I want to focus my research on is fundraising techniques and how to make them succesful.

The 'hands on' part of my project is going to be me interacting with a homeless shelter for teens or some sort of community outlet for the teens.  I want to interview the directors/counselors involved with these programs first.  After i 'get my feet wet' with them I want to look into possibly interviewing the teens there.  Throughout this process I will get an idea of what the shelter needs.  Then I am going to construct some sort of fundraiser or drive within the school and surrounding community.  My plan is going to have one of the school organizations help me with this project.

Until next time,

Friday, February 18, 2011

First Mentor Meeting!

Thursday-February 10th

              Today I had my first mentor meeting with Mr. Campbell.  At first I wasn't quite sure what I was going to talk to him about, but I just started off by briefly explained my broad idea for my project. I'm so excited for my prject and I'm glad Mr. Campbell is my mentor.  I know he will be a valuable asset, especially in the technological aspect.Towards the end of the meeting we had collaborated a list of things I need to do within the next couple of weeks.  (It's already stressing me out! :/  )

Here is the basic list:
1) Create Twitter account
2) Create blog (this)
3) Talk to NHS or Interact advisor (probably NHS)
4) Research homeless teens
5) Research fundraising techniques
6) Talk to guidance counselors
7) set up meeting with principal
8) so much more. . .

Mandatory Journal Entry

Wednesday-February 9th

          Well this is a mandatory journal entry for my class.  Basically today we had to interview each other about their WISE projects.  My interview with Danielle was pretty decent and straightforward.  since we are friends already, nothing was awkward.  I learned that she was doing her project on rehabs.  What is kind of ironic is that our projects might overlap since drugs may be a reason for teens becoming homeless. 
         As for interviews in general, the only nterviews I've ever really done have been within the schools.  However, I am pretty confident talking to adults and I think the interviews probably won't be that big of a deal as long as they aren't rude.  The only thing I might be a bit apprehensive with is interviewing and talking to the teens my own age.  Overall, I hope for the best.
               Talk to you tomorrow,