Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project Outline

Friday-February 11th

Hey everyone,
So this entry will just explain my outline if my project.

First, I plan to research about why teen and adolescents are homeless and have to seek out shelters and community resources.  This will include statistics pertaining to these subjects. Another thing I want to focus my research on is fundraising techniques and how to make them succesful.

The 'hands on' part of my project is going to be me interacting with a homeless shelter for teens or some sort of community outlet for the teens.  I want to interview the directors/counselors involved with these programs first.  After i 'get my feet wet' with them I want to look into possibly interviewing the teens there.  Throughout this process I will get an idea of what the shelter needs.  Then I am going to construct some sort of fundraiser or drive within the school and surrounding community.  My plan is going to have one of the school organizations help me with this project.

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