Friday, February 18, 2011

Mandatory Journal Entry

Wednesday-February 9th

          Well this is a mandatory journal entry for my class.  Basically today we had to interview each other about their WISE projects.  My interview with Danielle was pretty decent and straightforward.  since we are friends already, nothing was awkward.  I learned that she was doing her project on rehabs.  What is kind of ironic is that our projects might overlap since drugs may be a reason for teens becoming homeless. 
         As for interviews in general, the only nterviews I've ever really done have been within the schools.  However, I am pretty confident talking to adults and I think the interviews probably won't be that big of a deal as long as they aren't rude.  The only thing I might be a bit apprehensive with is interviewing and talking to the teens my own age.  Overall, I hope for the best.
               Talk to you tomorrow,

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