Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Still no e-mail!!!!

Saturday, April 9th and Sunday, April 10th

Okay, so now I'm really mad.  I still have not heard anything from these people! I don't want to think that I'm pestering them.  Tomorrow if I still haven't heard anything from them than I am going to e-mail them again.  Hopefully they will reply.

No news

Friday, April 8th

Alright, so I haven't recieved any e-mail from the crossroads people today.  It kind of makes me mad because I need them to tell me what the plan is.  I understand that they are probably busy, but still, it's frustrating.

Not much

Thursday, April 7th

Today I didn't really do much.  I'm just waiting for the e-mail to come back so I can know what the plan is.

Letdown. . .

Wednesday. April 6th

Soooo the NHS meeting was today and it didn't exactly go as I had planned.  Not as many peopl signed up to do the fundraiser which is very disappointing.  I just really want to raise a lot of money, but it doesn't seem like they are really willing to help.  Oh well, I guess I will just order these scratchcards and hope for the best.

NHS meeting tomorrow

Tuesday, April 6th

Tomorrow is the next NHS meeting and I'm going to tell everyone about the scratchers cards and hopefully get a decent amount of people to sign up for them.  I already made a sign up sheet and I have examples ready so that everyone can understand how to do it.


Monday, April 4th

I received a message baqck today thanking me for keeping in touch and telling me that they were going to make up a schedule for when we can work together.  Also, they told me that the schedule should be ready by thursday or friday.  I'm really excited for this because it means that my project really offically gets started for the hands on aspect of it.


Saturday, April 2nd and Sunday, April 3rd

At my last meeting with the crossroads people, they told me to shoot them an e-mail with when I was available to work with them and volunteer.  On saturday I just consulted with my mom and figured out all of the days I had something going on and when I was free.  Then, today I sat down and wrote them an e-mail informing them the times I'm available.


Friday, April 1st

April Fool's Day!!! Anyways, today I decided I would go talk to Mrs. Apice about the cupcake fundraiser they did last year and if they were doing it again this year.  She didn't know if they were going to do it or not, so I asked that if they were to do it that the proceeds could go to my charity.  She seemed very open to the idea and that I just needed to check in with her later and she could give me a definite answer.


Thursday, March 31st

Today I had a meeting with Wigley and it was extremely frustrating. . . . I felt like I didn;t really get anything out of it and that we weren't on the same page.  I kept on trying to ask him what I'm allowed to do and not allowed to do, but he never fully answered my questions.  Basically, he told me to come up with a fundraiser and to then see if he could approve it, so that's what I'm going to do.

Mentor Meeting

Wednesday, March 30th

Today was my mentor metting with Mr. Campbell. . . . finally.  I felt like it went pretty well and I was able to let him know what all was going on.  He gave me some good ideas for fundraisers and I felt like we went on a wild goose chase throughout the period to talk to different teachers.  Now I need to set up a meeting with Wigley and see what I can do at the school for fundraising.

Mentor meeting tomorrow

Tuesday, March 29th

Tomorrow is my mentor meeting! I haven't been to one in a while because of class scheduling. . . I feel really bad about it and I'm pretty frustrated because my teachers told me I would be able to leave on Wednesdays, but that hasn't been the case.  Tomorrow I have a lot to update Mr. Campbell on. . . .

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Plans for this week

Monday, March 28th

Here are my plans for this week.

2) Talk to Wigley about fundraising in the school
3) Talk to Apice about having a cupcake fundraiser
4) GET ORGANIZED!!!! (. . . . again)


Saturday March 26th and Sunday, March 27th

I realized these past two days that all of my organization went out the door.  My binder I made for my WISE project is a total mess! :/ I need help!  urgggh, I just wish I could keep things nice and tidy.  Maybe I will work on reorganizing my binder again this week.


Friday, March 25th

So, I was thinking about other ways I could get some money and fundraise today.  I figured that many businesses tend to donate money to charities.  Maybe if I write to some and visit them, then I can get some more money for the crossroads program!  I just want to raise as much money as possible so I can make a huge difference.

Multicultural Day

Thursday, March 24th

Today was Multicultural day.  After getting up at 5 am to make sure all the food was ready and my poster was ready, I headed off to school.  I feel like it was a success and many people liked our food.  Thank god this is over with! I just want to relax now because I am so exhausted. . .

Still Stressed

Wednesday, March 23rd

UGHHHH!!! I feel like I'm the only one doing any work for my stupid group for multicultural day. It's really making me mad.  I have spent alllllllllllll day after school cooking mexican food. I just can't wait until all of this is over with.


Tuesday, March 22nd

Mulyicultural day is this thursday and I'm super stressed out about that right now.  I dont really have any time to think about my WISE project because of multicultural day.  After Thursday I should get back to working on my WISE project.

Youth Group

Monday, March 21st

Yesterday, I talked to some people in my youth group about my diaper drive idea.  They thought that it was a good idea.  In fact, I found out that there have been drives like that at the church before.  One of the things they had done before was called a baby shower for Jesus where people donated anything and everything for babies.  I might do this instead of just a diaper drive.

Diaper Drive

Sunday, March 20th

One of the programs for crossroads is for pregnant teens.  I decided that this would be a great program to donate to.  Deirdre told me that people have done diaper drives in the past and that they have been successful, so I figured i would do one as well.  My church is great about donations so I think I'm going to talk to my priest and see if I can do one at our church.


Saturday, March 19th

Yesterday was my meeting.  I don't have much time to journal right now so I will just give a quick synopsis what happened before the meeting.  I got lost.  The building has no sign or anything to let me know that that is for the crossroads program.  I pretty much circled the same place like 5 times and its in a pretty sketchy area.  Fianlly, I decided to just park and I walked up to the building that I thought it was, but the door was locked.  Eventually I called their phone number and it turns out I was on the porch and so they came downstairs and let me in.

Meeting in Mt. Holly

Friday, March 18th

Today is my meeting in Mt. Holly with other people from the crossroads program. Here are some questions I want to ask them:

1) What are your programs that you run?
2) How many kids are in each program?
3) What do you need help with?
4) What am I allowed to do to help?
5) How do teens hear about your programs/become involved with them?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Meeting tomorrow!

Thursday, March 17th

Yay! My meeting with the other crossroads people is tomorrow! I'm excited to make some more progress with this program.  Tomorrow we don't have school, so I will compile a list of questions to ask them, just like I did with Deirdre. Today, I am just going to brainstorm some in my head.

Continuing. . .

Wednesday, March 16th

Here are some more things I thought of that would be my words of wisdom/advice that I would want my children to know.  A few of these have to deal with my WISE project since it is volunteering.

1) Find a way to help someone else, it makes you feel better.
2) Never hold a grudge.  It only hurts you.
3) Never turn a blind eye to someone in need.
4) Life isn't forever, so enjoy it while you can!

Words of Wisdom

Tuesday, March 15th

The Last Lecture is all about telling others your last words of wisdom.  Whatever you want to tell people or think people should know is what you lecture about.  In class we talked about what our words of wisdom would be.
I've compiled a list of a few below.

1) Never take yourself to seriously.
2) Always try to make someone smile each day.
3) No matter what, you've made an impact on someone so make sure it is a good one.
4) Appreciate your parents, you don't realize how much they have sacrificed for you.


Monday, March 14th

Today I found online these things called skratchers.  Each scratch card raises $100 which is great and they seem easy to do.  Basically the scratchcard has 50 circles that have hidden amounts underneath.  All you do is go up to someone and ask for them to donate to your cause and ask for them to scratch off two of the circles.  Whatever amounts are underneath is what that person donates and then they get a coupon card.  No matter what, noone will have to donate more than $6.


Saturday, March 12th and Sunday, March 13th

This weekend I spent looking up different fundraisers that NHS could help me with.  I haven't really found anything that seems possible to do with my time constraints.  Some of the things I have found that are possible to do are really overdone such as bakesales.  I'm going to talk to other people in school and brainstorm some ideas with them.

Nothing to do. . .

Friday, March 11th

I feel like I have nothing to do really right now.  All I'm waiting for is to meet with these other people from crossroads.  It's kind of like a dead end for me :/   I need to find something to work on between now and next Friday when I meet with the other crossroads people.


Thursday, March 10th

I would just like to make one correction from my previous posts about my meeting with Deirdre.  I will not be meeting with her again.  Instead she has me meeting with someone else from the program in Mt. Holly.  She feels that they will be able to put me to work and I can directly benefit their specidfic programs within Crossroads.

NHS meeting

Wednesday, March 9th

Today I was finally able to talk to all of the NHS members together at the meeting.  I was put in the schedule and was the last person to speak.  I basically just gave them the run down and told them that more information was to come.  Everyone seemed pretty welcoming to the idea of helping me out.


Tuesday, March 8th

In my freetime today I made it a priority to get organized finally! I found one of my old binders and i got dividers and set it all up.  One section is for everything I get in class, another is for random notes, another is for the crossroads program, and a another is for fundraising.  Hopefully, I will be able to keep everything organized, but with my ADD that seems like an impossible task.  I have never been able to keep anything organized.

The Last Lecture

Monday, March 7th

In class we are reading the last lecture.  I've read the first chapter so far and it seems like it will be a prett inspiring book and an easy read.  Hopefully, this will be one of the rare books that I actually enjoy reading for school.  I feel like I will learn from what this man has written.

Plans for this week

Sunday, March 6th

Today I didn't really accomplish anything related to my WISE project.  I pretty much just did my normal routine. . . Gym, Tan, Lanudry, along with some grocery shopping. 
Since my meeting with Deirdre I can't meet with her until next friday, not this friday since she will be away.
Here is my plan for this week. . .
1) Decide what fundraising I'm going to do
2) Get organized
3) Talk to NHS members
4) keep in touch with Deirdre

Great Meeting!

Saturday, March 5th

Yesterday's meeting was great! I think we accomplished a lot.  Deirdre was extremely nice and helpful.  She basically wants to make sure that I am able to complete me project in helping them and that they help me help them.  She did say that their may be some complications since I'm not 18 yet . . . :/
I'll blog my notes from my meeting sometime later :)

Questions, Questions, and more Questions

Friday, March 4th

Today is my meeting with Deirdre.  I made sure I looked presentable this morning when I left for school since the meeting is right after school. (this means I actually put make-up on :p )  I wore a nice pair of jeans (without any holes) and a "dressier" shirt. 

Anyways. . . . I need some questions for the meeting later today.
Here is a list of some:
-What is the purpose of crossroads?
-What are all of the programs?
-How do you help homeless teens?
-How can I help?
-What am I allowed to do?
-What am I prohibited from doing?

More Preparation

Thursday, March 3rd

Tomorrow is my meeting with Deirdre (the lady from crossroads).  I'm pretty anxious/excited about this.  Hopefully everything will go well and we can come up with a plan together to jumpstart my project.  I need to think up some questions to ask her so I will be prepared and I will accomplish everything I want to accomplish in the meeting.

No Show

Wednesday, March 2nd

Well, today was supposed to be the NHS meeting, however, Mr. Newman was a "no show".  He didn't come to school today because he was sick, so the meeting will be postponed until next week.  Maybe this extra week will allow me to figure out what exactly I will be doing for the fundraiser so I can explain to all the members what my idea is.


Tuesday, March 1st

Tomorrow is the NHS meeting so I need to prepare what I;m going to say to them.  I figured I would start out with first explaining that I'm in WISE and my project is about homeless teens.  Then i would go on to explain that part of what I want to do is to volunteer at a shelter and to do some sort of a fundraiser and that is what I would need their help with.  Unfortunately, I haven't decided what exactly how i want to fundraise, but at least I will introduce my project to them and it will go over well.

Setting up a meeting with NHS

Monday, February 28th

Since I've found the organization that I am going to work with, I decided it would be best if I had a school organization help me out.  I'm already apart of NHS so I decided to ask Newman today if he would let me talk to the other members and have them help me out with my project.  He thought it would be a good idea that I do that so he told me I could speak at our next meeting on Wednesday.

Still Visiting

Sunday, February 27th

Yesterday, I had an amazing time at the party and visiting with people.  It made me realize that I am extremely lucky that I have not had any life threatening illness and that life is extremely precious.  Thankfully Ashleigh's fight with breast cancer is over and that others are as lucky as she is. 

Tomorrow it is back to school and I need to do some more work on my WISE project.

Visiting Friends

Saturday, February 26th

Today, I woke up early so that my family and I could drive to Virginia to see my mom's best friend.  It is her surprise party since she just finished her last chemo treatment for breast cancer.  Because of my mom's friend and other relatives that have had breast cancer, my original thought for my project was to do something with breast cancer.

Making more progress!

Friday, February 25th

Alright, so today i went home and started calling places on different websites that were for homeless teens.  The first place I called was extremely disappointing because the lady was rude and it seemed like she was bothered by the fact that I called.  This was discouraging, but i decided to try another place called crossroads.  I called them and the lady who answered was so nice and helpful.  She actually seemed pretty enthusiastic that I had called.  I just explained to her that I wanted to help out and so she set up that we were to meet next friday at her office.  I can't wait!